Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.), has become a popular way for customers to receive fresh seasonal produce directly from a local farm. The customer pre-pays for a share of the farms production for a given season. This pre-payment of goods gives you the peace of mind knowing where your food is grown and its right here in your community. It also allows small farms to purchase necessary seed, fertilizer, tools, supplies, and labor. This allows the farmer to really focus on doing what they do best, growing great food!    

How C.S.A. works at Pickalittle Farm. 

First, you buy into a "Share" (like a subscription or membership) and in return you receive fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the farm, delivered to your doorstep. Our Shares consist of a weekly delivered box of the very best of what the farm has to offer, tips and tricks to keep your produce fresh, easy to use recipes, as well as access to the farm's Member's Garden, a You-Pick flower and herb garden, throughout the season. The Member's Garden also includes items like green beans, cherry tomatoes and other seasonal items. 

What comes in each box? 

Each box will have 6-8 Pickalittle Farm's items. All items will be 4-6 servings of the freshest seasonal products we grow. Each season is different. You can expect lots of great lettuces and crops like strawberries, specialty greens, baby turnips, peas, summer squash, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and amazing herbs in the Spring share. While our Fall share will be full of amazing roots, winter squashes, broccoli, cauliflowers, chicories, lettuces, and our amazing fall berries. As a CSA member you will share in our crop failures as well as our bumper crops. Every year brings it own hardships and victories.

Can I customize my box? 

We do not offer customization of boxes at this time. We feel that belonging to a CSA is like taking part in a culinary adventure. Each week we will put a detailed list of what is in the box, how to store it, and suggestions on how to prepare the new and tasty items you may find.  Plus, we offer great recipes online, you can check some out today. Click the "Recipes" tab.  

How much does each share cost? 

The cost of each share depends on the season (See Below). The break down cost per box is $50. This fee covers the cost of the production of goods (seeds, fertilizer, labor, and tools), packaging, shipping and full access to the Member's Garden. Our produce is a great value because it delivered to your home just 24 hours after it was harvested. No more buying veggies only to see them rot in your fridge in three days. Our produce really lasts. It is no small feat getting wholesome clean produce from our farm to your table each week.  

How do I get my Share?

Every share is delivered through overnight shipping and will be delivered to your doorstep approximately 24 hours after harvesting. Each share comes in a recyclable food grade plastic bag and recyclable cardboard box.  

What if I don't live in Bakersfield?

We will ship to anywhere in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, at NO extra cost.    

What if I am not going to be home?

Every family is away from home from time to time. Since all shares are paid upfront they are non-refundable. But, we will gladly send your box to a family member or friend if given 5 days notice prior to shipping. All boxes are shipped one day before your delivery date. If you do not wish to send your box to a friend, we will gladly donate your box to a local charity, like the Apple Core Project or Waste Hunger, Not Food.  

Do I have to pay for the whole Share upfront?

Yes. Paying for your full share up front helps us here at Pickalittle Farm to do what we do best. Grow great fruits and vegetables. Paying upfront reduces waste and unnecessary costs. One of the most challenging aspects of being a small farm is forecasting the needs and wants of the community they serve. Prepayment solves this problem and allows the farmer to plan ahead and focus on things that matter most, like; soil health, water usage, fertilization and food safety. Your prepayment allows us to grow responsibly and with confidence. 

What is the Member's Garden and how do I use it?

The Members Garden is a 1/2 acre plot full of flowers, fresh herbs and seasonal veggies too small or too expensive to harvest, but we don't want to leave out.  If you are interested in the experience of harvesting your own green beans or a fresh farm bouquet, the Member's Garden has been designed for you and your family. Or if you want to learn more about gardening or small scale farming through learning and volunteer opportunities. The Member's garden is provided by volunteers and the Pickalittle Farm Staff. It will be open and available anytime during the season that the farm is open. Typically Monday through Saturday, 7 am to 3 pm. Rules of conduct and attire will apply. 


If there are any questions I missed, don't hesitate to email


 Pickalittle Farm offers the following C.S.A. Shares

2020 Spring Share: May 13th - July 1st (8 weeks) $400                                        60 Shares Available April 13, 2020

2020 Fall Share: October 7th - December 23rd (12 weeks) $600                              60 Shares Available September 2020

2021 Spring Share: April 14th - July 14 (14 weeks) $700                                           60 Paid Available March 2021

Shares are available on a First Come First Served Basis 

**Pickalittle Farms reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. So please, be nice.